BLACK SOLDIER FLY (BSF)(Hermetia illucens)

BSF - What it is;

Black soldier fly (BSF) (Hermetia illucens) is an insect that is able to decompose organic waste. The insect can be harvested at larvae stage for use as a protein source in food and feeds.

BSF Key Facts

  • Larvae stage takes between 14 – 20 days and starts from instar 1 – instar 5 which has the highest protein content.
  • After the larvae stage the insect turns into pupae then to adult fly.
  • Adult BSF has a life cycle of between 10 -12 days.
  • BSF is not a pest and thus does not transmit diseases or destroy crops.
  • BSF Key Benefits

  • It decomposes all types of organic waste from animal manure, kitchen waste, market waste and even human waste.
  • As it decomposes it reduces occurrence of harmful bacteria in manure.
  • BSF reduces waste biomass by up to 40 – 60 % .
  • It is cheaper and faster to produce BSF based protein as compared to animal or plant based protein.
  • Instar 5 BSFL contains crude protein of 40-60% and crude lipid of 29 - 35 %.
  • It requires little space and time to produce huge amounts of protein.
  • BSF reproduces quickly and in large numbers i.e. biomass accumulation is very fast.

  • BSF Eggs.

    BSF Organic fertilizer

  • Organic fertilizer obtained from BSF composting waste
  • Highly nutritious with high levels of phosphorous
  • It’s a very good soil amendment fertilizer
  • Reduces occurrence of crop diseases such as potatoes wilt
  • High plant yield
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