Flavors available

  1. Vannilla
  2. Strawberry
  3. Pineaple



  1.     Helps lower elevated blood pressure
  2.   Lessens lactose intolerance
  3.    Regulates digestive systems
  4.    Prevents certain cancers
  5.    Helps alleviate infectious diseases
  6.   Helps maintain respiratory  function
  7.   Helps manage obesity and assists in weight loss
  8.   Helps boost the immune system
  9.   Has Special benefits for women which include:

    a)      Reduction of  vaginal infections
      b)   Strengthens cedar pollen allergens for expectant mothers therefore reducing the amount of antibiotics that babies consume.

  10.   Urinary track system (UTS) it provides an antibiotic effect to urinary tract infections.
  11. Improvement of skin functions
  12.   Reduction of gastro intestinal discomforts
  13.   Improvement of bowel regularity
  14.   Reduction of flatulence and bloating